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Hi everyone,
How has everyone been.
It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about current news or Hollywood gossip.
June and July was busy for me.
A lot for work but also more for the FIFA World Cup.
I endured many late nights, early mornings, and sleepy work days.
But that doesn’t matter to me.
I loved the World Cup.
There were many exciting games, surprises, disappointments, controversy, and upsets.
Perhaps one of the biggest upsets was the Netherlands win against Brazil.
I don’t think many expected that.
England just didn’t seem to have enough to win the games they needed to.
Germany was a surprise for a very young team, they almost got to the final but the eventual champions, Spain, stopped them in the semi-finals.
Argentina looked like they were going to go all the way, but Maradona’s boys couldn’t get past the mighty Germany scoring team.
For Australia, it just wasn’t the year.
They started out badly, tried to make a comeback, but just didn’t have enough points to progress to the 2nd round.
Other surprises were the USA team and Ghana’s push to the quarter finals.
The previous champions, Italy finished last in their group, and France failed as well to progress.
Japan’s highlights were the win against Cameroon and Denmark, and even the Paraguay game.
Penalty shootouts are never a good way to finish a game, but they are exciting and Japan never gave up until the very end.
The final was also a nail-biting match, but Spain did have a little more class and a very good passing game.
The Netherlands played very well but just couldn’t finish any plays.
In the end we have a new World Cup champion – Spain.
They were a good team to watch over the month of World Cup finals.
Now the World Cup is over I’m not sure what to do.
Maybe the English Premier League next month?
It won’t be the same though.