Forgotten Victims
Hi everyone, it’s been a tough month for many people, especially those in the Tohoku region.
I was watching TV the other day and saw some disturbing images.
A news crew had entered the 20km exclusion zone from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and what they found was unsettling.
There were elderly residents that had chosen not to leave the contaminated area and take care of their homes and farms.
They had been there their whole lives and didn’t want to leave.
What was even more disturbing was the footage of family pets abandoned by their owners.
Dogs wandering the streets, lying on roads, probably looking or waiting for their owners.
Some dogs even ran to the news crew, possibly happy to see humans.
What were these dogs eating and drinking?
These poor animals were left behind and will most probably die.
Of course humans are important but we shouldn’t forget our most loyal companions.