Where Were You?
Hi everyone, it’s been about 3 weeks since the Tohoku earthquake, and since then I have heard many stories of where people were when it hit.
Most people were at work, but some I’ve met say they were at home.
I even heard a story from someone that was on the Tohoku bullet train at the time and was stuck in a tunnel for 19 hours.
I was at home at the time, which was unusual because I would normally be working but my morning schedule had been changed to another day.
I was about to leave my home when everything started shaking.
At first I thought it was like the tremors we had had been having recently, but when things started falling off shelves and moving around I knew that it wasn’t normal.
By the time the second large aftershock had finished I was grabbed my emergency pack and headed for the evacuation point.
It was the biggest earthquake I had ever felt and it really left me rattled and scared.
Since then life has been kind of surreal.
But my heart goes out to those affected the most in the north.
It reminds us how powerful nature really is.