Lawyer for doctor: Jackson had pulse when found


Michael Jackson still had a faint pulse and his body was warm
when his doctor found him in bed
and not breathing,
a lawyer for the doctor told The Associated Press on Sunday.

医師Dr. Conrad Murrayは、マイケルジャクソンに鎮痛剤の処方をしたり薬を与えたりしてはいないそうです。

Edward Chernoff also said
Dr. Conrad Murray never prescribed or gave Jackson the drugs
Demerol or OxyContin.
Demerol デメロール◆鎮痛剤
OxyContin オキシコンチン◆鎮痛薬
He denied reports
suggesting Murray gave Jackson drugs
that contributed to his death.

医師Dr. Conrad Murrayは、木曜の午後マイケルジャクソンが借りているマンションにいたそうです。

Chernoff told the AP that
Murray was at the pop icon’s rented mansion on Thursday afternoon
pop idol アイドル歌手、ポップアイドル
icon あこがれの芸能人など
when he discovered Jackson in bed
and not breathing.
The doctor immediately began administering CPR, Chernoff said.
CPR 心肺停止の蘇生救急

“He just happened to find him in his bed,
and he wasn’t breathing,”
the lawyer said.
“Mr. Jackson was still warm and had a pulse.”

マイケルジャクソンの家族は医師Dr. Conrad Murrayに疑いをもっており個人的な検死を要求しました。

Jackson’s family requested a private autopsy in part
autopsy 検死
because of questions about Murray,
the Rev. Jesse Jackson said Saturday.
Murray also told the family an autopsy should be performed,
Chernoff said.