Dogs Rescued
Hi everyone, not long after the recent Tohoku earthquake, I posted about dogs and animals abandoned in the 20km exclusion zone near the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.
Of course I wasn’t the only person that was heartbroken to see these animals.
A group of volunteers for an animal rescue group actually did something and went into the exclusion zone risking exposure to high radiation levels to rescue the shelty dogs (Shetland Sheepdog/ miniature Collies) they had seen on
Etsumi Ogino, a volunteer and dog owner of Chiba, got in touch with Associated Press which released the photo and found out exactly where the dogs were found.
Ogino and other volunteers went into the exclusion zone and after some coaxing brought 20 dogs back to Tokyo.
The volunteers were ecstatic to get those dogs but regret that many more that were afraid of them ran away and are still in the zone.
It’s great to see some affirmative action. These people risked their lives to help these helpless animals.