Charlie Sheen Fired From “Two and a half Men” (The Harper Boys)
On Tuesday the 8th of March, Charlie Sheen was officially fired from Two and a half Men after 8 seasons.
The sitcom was half-way through filming of the 8th season but was put on hiatus after Sheen went to rehab.
The comments Sheen made involved referring to himself as “a rock star from the planet Mars”, critical comments about the creator/producer Chuck Lorre, and wanting a pay rise from $2 million to $3 million.
From the news and interviews I’ve seen and read.
Sheen is completely sober after constant testing.
He clearly has some issue, whether it be professional or personal with Chuck Lorre, or even both.
Over the years, I have enjoyed many of Sheen’s performances.
Maybe he does deserve more money, maybe there’s more to this story than what we are hearing and reading.