Tohoku Charity Events
Hi everyone, as we all want to help our brothers and sisters in the Tohoku region some of us feel helpless to do anything.
But since the terrible disaster we can find many charity events almost every weekend.
Last weekend there was the charity event in Koganecho, Yokohama.
Although this was a hanami event as well, there were no cherry blossoms.
But many people still came to enjoy the beautiful weather, try to uplift their minds, and make donations.
I met a couple of people who lost family and friends in Sendai and it hit home really hard how horrible the disaster was.
These people did their best though to keep a positive mind and try to forget their tragedy for a day.
At another charity event in Shibuya which had an ensemble of singers, and bands, I again met people directly affected by the disaster.
After meeting people over 2 days, I realised that the people who seem the most depressed aren’t affected directly.
When you meet people who are, you start to wonder about why you feel so down.
These people have more of a right to be depressed but keep a strong mind.