Natural Disasters in Australia – 2010/2011 Floods
Recently, from December to February, Australia had been devastated with floods.
This caused immense damage and some deaths. From October of last year the north east coast of Australia experienced torrential rain that didn’t stop for over a month.
Rivers and dams couldn’t withstand the heavy downpour and overflowed causing catastrophic damage to lives and local industry.
As the rain was most intense in the north, northern areas were affected first leaving some towns, including my hometown isolated for a couple of weeks.
Every 20 or 30 years such a disaster occurs in the northern areas, but this time it was more disastrous than before.
The last time Brisbane, the state capital in the south eastern area, experienced such a flood was in 1974.
After this, the government built a dam to prevent another flood of that magnitude.
The dam worked for over 30 years, but torrential rain and flash flooding in the mountain city of Toowoomba caused the dam to overflow.
Some of my family members had to evacuate but luckily the damage to their homes was minimal.
In the aftermath, citizens of the towns and cities banded together in an effort to clean up the mess left from the floods.
In a time when people think community spirit is at an all time low, the floods in Australia have shown that empathy and spirit is still strong.