Three American Icons Pass

Hi everyone,

In some parts of western countries, it is said that bad things happen in threes.

The superstitious belief means that if a very bad thing happens then 2 more bad things will follow.

Recently, an example of that is the deaths of 3 American icons.

The first was Gary Coleman (42) on May 28.

Coleman was a famous child star from the 70’s and 80’s in the TV show “Diff’rent Strokes”.

Coleman died after falling and hitting his head.

The second was Dennis Hopper (74) on May 29, famous for writing and directing “Easy Rider” (1969).

Hopper had also worked with James Dean.

He died from prostate cancer.

The third was Rue McClanahan (76) on June 3, she was a famous TV actress.

She starred in many TV dramas and comedies, but was most famous for the 80’s sitcom “The Golden Girls”, about four retired women living in Florida.

She was also a strong supporter of Barrack Obama.