Federer edges Roddick 16-14 in 5th for 15th major


Roger Federer was playing for history.
Andy Roddick was playing the match of his life.


On and on they dueled,
duel 勝負
Federer trying for a record-breaking 15th major championship,
Roddick striving for his second,
strive 努力する
in a Wimbledon final that required more games
than any Grand Slam title match
in the considerable annals of a sport dating to the 1800s.
annals 年代記


“Ten games all, final set,” intoned the chair umpire.
intone 抑揚をつけ言う
Then, “Twelve games all, final set.”
And, still later, “Fourteen games all, final set.”


They were each other’s equal for four full sets
and nearly the entire 30-game fifth set.
Until Federer, far more experienced in such matters,
finally edged ahead,
breaking Roddick’s serve for the only time in the 77th
and last game to close out
a 5-7, 7-6 (6), 7-6 (5), 3-6, 16-14 victory Sunday.


The epic match
epic 叙事詩のような
― the fifth set alone lasted more than 1 1/2 hours ―
gave Federer his sixth Wimbledon title.
Add that to five from the U.S. Open,
three from the Australian Open and one from the French Open,
and Federer’s Grand Slam total rises to 15,
one more than Pete Sampras,
who flew in from California on Sunday morning to be on hand.

“He’s a legend,” Sampras said. “Now he’s an icon.”


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